UBtech Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot

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Wireless Module

The UBtech Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot has 16 degree of freedom (DOF), 5 DOF each for left and right leg, 3 each for left and right hands, able to perform multiple complex movements, for example, push-ups, forward roll, backward roll, handstand, high leg kick etc. The more prominent feature is that it can perform tai chi, hip hop and other complex movements. Sensors include 3 axis of gyroscope and infrared sensor, used to detect the balance status. Easy operation by introducing graphic programming. Unlimited download stories and songs to program.

The Servo Actuator
The Alpha series contains a number of servo actuators, each one of them has a fixed identification number (ID), the ID of the corresponding joints is shown in the following figure. Operate the corresponding servo will control the angle and speed of the robot’s joint.

Main Components
Qty of servo: 16 pcs
Controller: ARM Cortex-M4
wireless communication module
Power supply: 1500mAh
20+ Demo supply
Bundled software: 3D visualized programmable

What's in the box
1. Robot.
2. Remote Controller.
3. The Charger or Adapter.  
4. Download Cord(Robot to USB).
5. Wireless Module(Optional, see options).
6. User Manual.

About 2 hours charging time, and supporting professional charger must be used. Please fully charge the robot before using. Insert one end of the adapter marked with “DC- IN" into the robot, and the other into a AC power, now the charging status LED turns red. The status LED will turn to green when charge is complete; please pull out the adapter from the charging port, stop charging. Programming and debugging can be done during charge.



Size: 198 x 109 x 418mm
Size after packing : 58 x 19 x 43 cm
Material (structure): Aluminium alloy


Safety Instructions
1. Alpha is recommended for users not younger than 14 years of age. Users under 14 years of age must use this product under adult supervision.
2. Do not insert your finger or any other foreign objects into the robot’s joints or connectors! This may cause personal injury or damage to the robot.
3. Alpha always needs your love and attention. Please take care of your robot.
4. Never assemble or disassemble the robot on your own; Service should only be available by qualified service personnel. (Refer to the customer support page at the back of the cover.)
5. Keep the robot away from your face, eyes; Keep it away from children.
6. Alpha is not waterproof.
7. Always keep away from fire.
8. Please operate the robot on smooth surface. Alpha may not be able to move or fall down if used on uneven surface, inclined or slippery floor or in an area with obstacles.
9. During the action programming and debugging process, if the robot’s joints are twisted due to improper programming, please shut down and turn off the power supply immediately to avoid damage.
10. The servo of robot joints are precision products, please avoid external shock.
11. When the robot is moving or in action, do not forcibly move the robot joints, in case of unnecessary weariness.
12. Please avoid damage from robot being dropped or falling. Please provide necessary and effective protection when the robot is moving or in action; Do not use the robot on the edge of table, stairway, or at any location where there is a danger of the robot falling and being damaged. We do not offer free repair service due to being dropped or falling off from high locations.
13. Gears in the servo are wearing parts and consumable materials; Replacement must be made due to long time or excessive usage.
14. The approximate battery charging time is 2 hours. Use only the included charger or charger specifically designed for use with the robot.
15. Stop using Alpha when the servo is overheating until it comes back to normal temperature.


Dear users, congratulations on being the owner of Alpha Robots! Before use, please read this manual very carefully!



NOTE: Product lead time 1 week. Fit age(Years): 10+

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