Voltivo Purple PLA Filament for AIO Zeus 3D Printer

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Brand: AIO Robotics

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The Voltivo Purple PLA Filament is compatible with AIO Robotics Zeus all in one 3D printer. This is a high grade, high-density 3D printing filament. Filament is perfectly suited for and tested for a wide range of 3D printers. AIO Robotics (ExcelFil™) PLA filaments allow for easy extrusion due to their tight laser-controlled tolerances, smooth flow characteristics over a large temperature range, rapid cooling, and a high tensile strength. Filament comes in a wide range of colors and in two diameters that fit many brands of printers. 

Features and Benefits

  • Diameter and Roundness accuracy better than 0.05mm
  • Fully opaque color with a shiny finish, no shortcuts taken on adding non-toxic color pigments
  • Only A grade PLA  raw plastic materials from USA and Germany
  • Formulated for low printing temperature, this allowing for less blobbing and stringing
  • Strong layer bonds – very rigid when cooled
  • 3.2mm spool hub diameter for lower friction
  • Arrives packaged in vacuum shrink wrap with a desiccant bag to ensure controlled humidity levels in transit

Commitment to the Environment

We care a great deal about our environment and are trying to strike a balance between business convenience and protecting our Earth’s resources. The Voltivo PLA filament is made from renewable polymer sources – namely plastics derived from corn starch and sugar cane. However for specific applications that require higher operating temperatures that lie close to or beyond PLA’s melting point, ABS may provide a better solution. Therefore we also offer a range of ABS products manufactured under strict quality guidelines in order to provide a complete product portfolio for any project.

Filament Type

PLA Filament




AIO Robotics
Product Details
Diameter Accuracy Nominal 3mm ±0.05mm or 1.75mm ±0.05mm
Roundness Accuracy ±0.05mm
Polymer Density 1.31g/cm³
Polymer Melt Point 210°C
Spool Dimensions Outer Diameter-200mm, Spool Hub Diameter-32mm, Width-60mm
Box Size 212mm x 212mm x 75mm
Material Net Weight 1kg ±0.05kg
Gross Weight 1.35kg
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