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THORMANG3 Open Platform Humanoid Robot

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ROBOTIS THORMANG3 Open Platform, Full Size Humanoid Robot 

The THORMANG3 is a open source, full size humanoid robot with 7DOF arms and a 2DOF head that can manipulate objects and perform a variety of tasks. Was designed for research and advanced robotics projects. This Linux based robot comes with a Logitech C920 HD camera, Intel Realsense, sensors, battery, speaker, gripper, LIDAR, network hub, and everything you need to get started.


  • Stable Walking with Human-Friendly Scale 
  • Mission Capability using Adaptive Gripper
  • Powerful Dual PC-level Computing with Intel NUC
  • Various Sensing with Force/Torque Sensor, LIDAR/IMU/Camera
  • Full ROS Support with 3D CAD data and Open-Source SDK
  • DYNAMIXEL PRO based Modular Design with Full Metal Body
  • Best for SLAM, Locomotion, Manipulation and HRI Research

H/W Architecture

Advantages of THORMANG3

  • DYNAMIXEL PRO H-Series x 29 DOF
  • Easy Maintenance and Customizing
  • Full ROS Support with 3D CAD, Open-Source SDK
  • Rviz, PCL, MoveIt Plug-in
  • Gazebo 3D Simulator


  • 1x Fully Assembled THORMANG3
  • 1x Battery Pack
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x Maintenance KIT
  • 1x Lift
  • 1x Carry Case


  • Research and Development for rescue missions involving hazardous enviornments not suitable for humans. 
  • Robotics Research.
  • Sports and Competitions.  

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  • Availability: 12+ weeks upon order confirmation.
  • Basic installation and maintenance training upon delivery
  • Comes with 1 year warranty 

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Education / Research
Product Details
Weight 42kg
Height 137.5cm
Controller (PC) Intel NUC5i5RYK (2Set)
Sensor Logitech C920 HD Camera; Intel Realsense; Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW; F/T Sensor: ATi Mini58-SI-2800-120 x 2; IMU: MicroSrain 3DM-GX4-25.
Actuator DYNAMIXEL PRO H-Series
DOF Head: 2DOF; ARM: 7DOF x 2; Waist: 1DOF; Under body: 6DOF x 2 (gripper x 2).
Battery LIPO 22.2V 22,000mA & 18.5V 11,000mA
Operation System Linux Ubuntu 14.04.3 64bit
Software ROS indigo / GNU C++(g++)
Library Motor Control, Manipulation, Head Control, Walking Engine, Sensor control
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