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Sharebot Voyager Direct Light Processing Professional 3D Printer

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Brand: Sharebot

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Spare Beamer Light Spare Beamer Spare Tank Spare Building Plate Elastic (EL) Resin Castable (IC) Resin Hard (HT) Resin

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Sharebot Voyager Direct Light Processing(DLP) Professional 3D Printer

The Voyager DLP 3D Printer utilizes Direct Light Processing technology to create a high precision model that exhibits excellent definition even on the tiniest of features. The integrated FULL HD projector strikes the printing material (resin) with a UV ray which produces an image on it. Once the resin has been hit by the ray, it becomes a solid. Thanks to the Z axis vertical movement, the process is repeated layer after layer to create the final model. This process allows rapid manufacturing to take place of objects that feature a smooth and polished surface; this fast resin solidification technology reduces the time needed to create an object making Voyager the perfect professional working tool for modeling and prosthodontics. The resins are developed internally by the Sharebot R&D department, aiming to offer different resins for each different final use they are destined for. Changing the material’s chemical composition it’s possible to produce more resistant or more elastic resins. It’s also possible to produce castable resins. Castable means that the resin evaporates completely without leaving any residue when placed in a furnace. The printer’s managing software is already integrated; it’s possible to create and generate supports for a model on a computer then send it wirelessly to Voyager. Even after the printing process started, you’ll be in full control of it remotely.

Software is already integrated: it’s possible to create and generate supports for a model on your computer and then send it to the printer by wireless connectivity. When the printing process is started, you’ll be in full control of it remotely.

Use of Sharebot Voyager

Voyager is a professional machine mainly for Jewelry industry, Dental market, and all the companies that need to prototype small pieces but with great accuracy.

Sharebot Voyager Technical Details

  • Printing area: 54 x 96 x 100 mm
  • Max printer speed in z: 30 min/cm
  • Max printer speed in volume: 200 cm^3/h
  • Software support generator: Integrated
  • Operation System: 32 bit Windows
  • Sharebot-3D included: 1/5 GHZ quad core, 1GB
  • Full control: Wifi
  • Software printer control via web: Integrated
  • Precision xy: 50 micron
  • Slice thickness: 20/100 micron, depending by the used resin
  • Projector led UV FULL HD: 1.920×1.080
  • Brightness: 3.000 ANSI lumen
  • Contrast: 10.000:1
  • Lamp life: 5000 hours
  • Curable resin: rigid, elastic, castable
  • Machine size: 65 x 25 x 40 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg

Sharebot Voyager Resins

The resin is perfect to realize METAL models with casting lost-wax method. While the resin is yellow, it will look like white after the post-curing process.
After the casting process, the Share-IC will sublimate without leaving any residual, allowing to have an high detail definition.

Share-HT resists to temperature up 90°/100°C without any deformation. After a correct curing process, the resin simulate the ABS features.
It can be used to create functioning parts; the models printed with Share-HT have good resistance and polish surfaces, making this resin ideal for thermoforming or rubberizing (both cold or low temperature) processes.

General purpose resin able to realize models and prototypes with a good detail definition.
It has dark-yellow color with a great price/quality ratio.

The resin has been charged with ceramic particle which gave it high resistance, allowing to support temperature up to 130°/140° C and high pressure.
This feautures allow to create vulcanized rubber molds. Share-CE guarantees great output and it can have many different application fields: prosthodontic, goldsmiths and model making.

This elastic resin is the ideal tool to create models which features like appearance, smoothness and elasticity can be like rubber or silicone.
Share-EL has a great detail definition and its color is rich and deep.

Sharebot Voyager Applications

  • Jewellery 
  • Dental 
  • Professional Application

NOTE: Sharebot Voyager available only in the Tri-State area(New Jersey, New York, Connecticut) We provide free INSTALLATION  and SUPPORT. Product lead time 10-14 days. 



Print Volume


Entry Level


Printing Technology

DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Product Details
Building volume 54x96x100 mm
Building speed 200 cm3/h
XY axes printing defintion 50 microns
Z-axis printing defintion 20-100 microns
Projector led UV FULL HD 1.920×1.080
Brightness 3.000 ANSI lumen
Contrast 0.000:1
Lamp life 5000 hours
Curable resin rigid, elastic, castable
Machine size 65 x 25 x 40 cm
Weight 25 kg
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