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ROBOTIS Manipulator-H Robotic Manipulator

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Manipulator Base Plate

ROBOTIS Manipulator-H Robotic Manipulator

The Manipulator-H Robotic Manipulator is a Multi-purpose and affordable robotic arm designed for research and automation projects. Designed for applications as R&D projects, to be mounted in a mobile manipulator or as a part of a robot torso or a humanoid. The arm is available in two main configurations, the manipulator-L and the manipulator-H. The "L" configuration has a repeatability of ±0.1 mm, a weight of 4.5kg, 1kg of payload and a 180W power. While the "H" configuration has a repeatability of ±0.5 mm, a slightly higher weight (5.5 kg), a payload of 3 kg and a power of 640W. The main characteristics of the ROBOTIS Manipulator are its lightweight for an easy placement and transferring, a modular design for an easy maintenance and its competitive price. Both configurations have 6 DOF and an optional gripper with one degree-of-freedom.


  • Multi-purpose, low-cost manipulator.
  • 6 DOF (built with Dynamixel Pro).
  • Modular structure for easy maintenance.
  • Lightweight design for easy placement and mobility.
  • Endures payload suitable for small to mid scale operations.
  • Wide operation range.
  • Suitable for repetitive and high precision operation.
  • USB interface, RS-485 communication.
  • Provides SDK for user programming.
  • (provides examples of forward / inverse kinematics, profile control).

All-in-one module

DC Motor + Controller + Driver + Sensor + Cycloid Reduction Gear

Small, Lightweight

  • Minimized module size with the self-developed small, lightweight, cycloid reduction gear
  • High weight to output rate (0.05Nm/g)
  • High shock resistance

Precise control and low backlash

  • Incremental encoder and contactless magnetic encoder for absolute positioning
  • Low backlash of 3~4arcmin
  • Performance data provided, tested by KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)

Torque control using current sensor

  • High current sensing algorithm and current feedback control
  • Position, speed, and current control using an algorithm

Easy development environment

  • Provides C-based library
  • Provides various solution examples (C++, LabVIEW, C#, eclipse, JAVA, etc.)

Package Contents

H/W Specifications

S/W Specifications

  • Arm access communication protocol library and examples
  • Arm control parameter setting and monitoring example
  • Kinematics library (FK, IK) and examples
  • Joint / end point profile control library and examples

Actuator Configuration

Actuator (DYNAMIXEL PRO) Description

Key Purpose

1. Research and Education

  • Experiment with kinematics and dynamics
  • Design and research two-armed robot system
  • Mobile robot system

2. Industrial Field Operation

  • Test and examination equipment
  • Small transport system

NOTE: Requires 6 weeks of lead time upon order. This product has NOT yet been released(Pre order only).




Industry / Manipulator
Product Details
Payload (kg) 3
Repeatability (mm) ±0.05
Speed (Each joint, deg/sec) 180
Weight (kg) 5.5
Reach (mm) 645
Rated voltage (VDC) 24
Communication RS-485 (Multi Drop Bus)
Power (Joint) 200W : 2EA; 100W : 2EA; 20W : 2EA
Software ROBOTIS Manipulator SDK
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