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RoboBuilder 5720T CREATOR Robotic Kit

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Brand: RoboBuilder

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RoboBuilder 5720T CREATOR Robot Kit

The 5720T CREATOR Robot Kit build a variety of unique robots from a single set of modular parts. RoboBuilder offers a complete kit of interchangeable modules which come together to form computer programmable robots. These robots are built by simply plugging and screwing block-type robotic operator modules. These robots are remote controlled and motion files are downloadable from the internet. Out of the box, there are three "standard" robot platforms, HUNO, DINO and DOGY. HUNO is a humanoid robot, capable of walking on two legs, and can perform moves like walking, jogging, headstands and kicking. By motion programming, you can have it dance, do martial arts.

5720T Robot KIT


DINO is a dinosaur robot with three legs including its tail. The prehistoric robot can move much faster than HUNO, and can walk, jog, tail kick, etc. Last but not least is DOGY, a four-legged puppy. Thanks to its extra legs, it's the fastest of these three robots, and can be programmed to run, sit, and lie down or perform other dog-like movements. These robots can also be programmed to react to external inputs from sound to vision. This robot kit come in either a simple black design, or a clear body loaded with programmable LEDs inside under the see through shell, letting you easily create your own disco-bots. Best of all RoboBuilder is encouraging its users to share designs and programming on their online community.



Robot KIT Features

  • Transparent with 16 DOF and includes sound sensor, distance sensor and voice 
  • Design and build your own robotic creation or build one of 3 standard designs 
  • Download, program and play fancy robotic motion files
  • Participate in robotics competitions
  • Designed for ages 14 and up

What's Included

  • RBC intelligent control system (with sound output)
  • 16 blocks of wCK smart actuator modules
  • 11 pcs of body parts (7 types)
  • 71 pcs of joint parts (12 types)
  • 20 pcs of wCK module cable
  • PC cable RS-232
  • Power supply
  • Remote control
  • Set of bolts and nuts
  • User's manual
  • Software CD




Education / Kids
Product Details
Size/Weight 285 x 170 x 50 x 150mm / 1.25kg
DOF(Degree Of Freedom) 16 Servo motors
IR Sensor Obstacle Detection
Sound Sensor Sound Detection
Acceleration Sensor Gravity Detection
Battery 11V Li-poly, provides 30 minutes of use
Bluetooth Optional
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