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The Corpora Qbo Pro Evo Robot with Intelligence

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Brand: The Corpora

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Qbo Pro Evo Robot with Intelligence 

The Corpora'Qbo Pro Evo Robot with Intelligence  is an open source robotic platform with high performance and great level of power consumption. Robot equipped with: obstacle detection, stereoscopic vision, face tracking & recognition, speech recognition, 3D Slam, object tracking and recognition, tele-operation and WiFi Connection. It incorporates many internal and external sensors and an INTEL i3 processor that allows real-time operation at high speed. It can operate while staying connected to the power supply. 

Features: Stereooscopic Vision

Thanks to two webcameras integrated in's eyes, is capable of extract 3D information to detect close objects and even persons. robot

Face Tracking and Recognition

Using images from its webcameras, is capable of detecting human faces and learn to recognize them. Robot Face Tracking and Recognition

Speech Recognition

​Using the microphones located in's head and a speech recognition software, the is capable of understanding natural human voice/ Robot Speech Recognition

Music Gesture Player

​Using your hands, you can control a music player in the robot due to its ability to recognize different gestures. The music is played through the robot's loudspeakers. Robot Music Gesture Player

SLAM with the Xtion Pro Live

​Thanks to the Xtion Pro Live from ASUS®, the is capable of using 3D points to build maps of the surroundings and autonomously navigate in them. Robot SLAM with the Xtion Pro Live

Object Tracking & Recognition

The Robot is able to detect close objects using its sterescopic vision and learn to recognize them. Robot ​Object Tracking & Recognition

Wi-Fi Connection contains a Mini-ITX motherboard with integrated WiFi card, enabling a remote connection via WiFi. Robot WiFi Connection

Obstacle Detection is capable of avoiding obstacles by detecting them with the two ultrasonic sensors located in the robot's front.​ Robot Obstacle Detection




Education / Research
Product Details
Dimensions ​Height: 456mm x Width: 314mm x Depth: 292.5mm
Weight ~ 11Kg
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