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iCLEBO Pop Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Brand: iCLEBO

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 iCLEBO Pop Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

​The Pop Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Engineered with the best robotic experience in the world, iCLEBO Pop is truly the most innovative robotic vacuum cleaner on the market today. Its extraordinary results from its dual whirling and intense cleaning technology alone set iCLEBO Pop apart from other competitor brands. Even though there are various home appliances and chores are shared among the family members, the home labor is still largely done by housewife. Actually, the ways to make housewives more comfortable existed for years. The only area in home labor that can be wholly handled by a machine, cleaning. Robot cleaner cleans inside the house by itself instead of the housewife even when there is no one at home. 


Long lasting lithium-ion battery other brands average around 70 minutes of cleaning time while the iClebo pop can clean up to 160 minutes, charging time is only 100 minutes while other brands are all around 180 minutes for battery recharge. Wet cleaning (mop mode), iClebo pop includes a wet mop mode unlike other brands at this comparable price, polishes the floor with the removable micro fiber mop for a shiny finish. Eco-friendly: consideration for the environment, lowest energy consumption comparing to other competitors working maximum for 3 hours. Touch pad feature highest doorsill climbing thresholds of 0.71 in.


  • Model Name: iCLEBO POP
  • Power: 100V-240V
  • Standby Power: Below 1.4W
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Amperage: 2.2A
  • Automatic Shut-off: YES
  • Batteries Included: YES
  • Battery Life: 2.7 Hours
  • Certifications and Listings: 2-UL Recognized
  • Elevation Sensors: YES
  • Remote Control: YES
  • Manufactory Warranty: 12 Months, parts and labor


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Product Details
Power 100V-240V
Charging Power Consumption Below 1.4W
Battery Lithium-Ion
Amperage 2.2A
Automatic Shut-off YES
Batteries Included YES
Battery Life 2.7 Hours
Elevation Sensors YES
Remote Control YES
Manufactory Warranty 12 Months, parts and labor
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