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DST Robot - HOVIS Eco Plus Humanoid Robot

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Brand: DST Robot

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DST Robot HOVIS Eco Plus Humanoid Robot

The HOVIS Eco Plus Humanoid Robot (Assembled) is the second project applying more actuators and attractive full body covers based on basic HOVIS Lite. Now, this would be a good foundation to create ultimate ubiquitous robot called HOVIS Genie/HOVIS App. Get HOVIS. Expect more. Hovis Eco Plus Humanoid Robot, the upgraded version of Hovis Eco, is a 20DOF robot kit decorated with attractive full body covers and builders are able to build more human-like robot.  

The Gyro/Accelerometer sensor is included as a basic accessory and Emotion head LED unit equipped with head touch sensor enables builder to make thier robot express various emotions and realise Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). From beginner to expert level, Hovis Eco Plus can be programmed with different software which fit your needs: DR-Sim (Provided), DR-Visual Logic (Provided), MS Robotics Developer Studio, DR-C, Visual Stduio and AVR Studio.


  • Robot Kit for everybody (From Beginners to Experts)
  • Colorful Head LED
  • DR-Sim (3D Motion Simulator), DS-Visual Logic (Graphical Task Editor) provided as Bundle Software
  • Includes HRI pack and Gyro sensor
  • Various Transformation Kits
  • Ubiquitous Home Robot
  • Flexible and upgradeable
  • Friendly Design
  • Brilliant Full Body Cased 20 DOF Humanoid
  • Includes HRI pack and gyro sensor

Hovis Components

Hovis Eco Plus Structure

Hovis Eco Plus Structure

Hovis Eco Plus Structure


DST Robot


Education / Kids
Product Details
Flexibility 20DOF
Servo HerkuleX DRS-0101 Smart Servo
Battery 7.4V 3000mAH Li-Po battery pack
Sensor Distance PSD. Sound Sensors Included Triaxial Gyro
Remote IR Control Included Zigbee
Software DR-Stm (3D Motion Simulator), DR-Visual Logic (Task Editor)
Power Universal power supply supports 100-240 V AC @ 50/60 Hz
Connectivity Bluetooth Module
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