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DextaRobotics Dexmo Haptic Feedback Exoskeleton Gloves

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Brand: DextaRobotics

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DextaRobotics Dexmo Haptic Feedback Exoskeleton Gloves for VR

DexmoTM Development Kit 1 (DK1) is the lightest full hand force feedback exoskeleton in the world. Within the Red Dot Design Award winning body, Dexmo captures all hand motions with 11 degrees of freedom (DoF) and provides virtual force feedback. With Dexmo, you can feel the size, shape and stiffness of virtual objects. A uniquely designed Torque Output Monitoring feature ensures safety during operation. Development for Dexmo is as easy as it can be. With our SDK and document support, any developer could start developing for Dexmo within a day.

Dexmo Gloves Applications

Dexmo Gloves Features

  • Motion capture ability: Dexmo captures full range of the users’ hand motion, including a 3DoF thumb motion capturing module that captures the rotation, splitting and bending of the thumb as well as four 2DoF finger motion capturing modules that capture the splitting and the bending of the rest four fingers. 
  • Variable force feedback: The force feedback ability allows the user to feel the size and shape of any digital object. The motors stop users’ finger rotation according to the digital avatars’ hand interaction within the digital world, which greatly improves immersion. By precise motor control, Dexmo is also capable of generating variable force output, letting the user feel change of stiffness and tell the difference between a rock and a rubber ball by just squeezing them. 
  • Multiple stiffness layers simulation: Combining the software control with the variable force feedback ability, developers can easily describe an object’s stiffness through LibDexmo and achieve complex haptic sensation. When there is a change in stiffness, sensation such as the press of a button and cracking of an egg can be achieved.
  • Safety enhancement: Dexmo is designed to be safe. The Torque Output Monitoring function monitors user’s finger force applied and disables all motor functions under abnormal circumstances. Also, the maximum torque output of each finger force feedback module is clamped to (0.3N.m). A human finger can provide an average torque of (0.7N.m). So Dexmo will never cause injury. 
  • Platform support: Dexmo comes with its own SDK, LibDexmo. Along with the Unity plugin we wrote, Dexmo works with Oculus CV1, HTC Vive, PSVR, Hololens and potentially any other VR/MR solutions that supports Unity development. 
  • Wireless communication: With 2.4GHz wireless modules and our optimized communication protocols, an overall latency of 20-50ms is achieved, allowing Dexmo to work wirelessly within 5 meters from the dongle, which frees our hands from tethers. 
  • Light weight & wearable: Thanks to the light-weight design of motors, Dexmo weighs only 320g, whereas existing products offer similar functionalities usually weigh 10 times as much. It enables users to comfortably wear Dexmo, and ignore its presence when exploring in VR. 
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life: With the reliable and powerful 2000mAh LiPo battery modules, Dexmo can work wirelessly for 6 hours under normal use.

In The Box

  • Dexmo × 2 (Left & Right hand) 
  • Dongle × 2 (One for each hand) 
  • Power Adaptor × 2 
  • 1-to-2 Power Cord Splitter × 1 
  • 1-to-4 USB 2.0 Hub × 1 
  • Vive Controller Connector × 2 
  • Vive Tracker Connector × 2 
  • Screws × 10 

Product Details
Size 155 × 100 × 7.5 mm (L × W × D)
Weight ~320 g
Working Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Battery LiPo
Battery Capacity 2000 mAh
Battery Life 6 hrs
Charge Time 1.5 hrs
Power Consumption (Max.) 25000 mW
Power Consumption (Avg.) 5000 mW
Adaptor Input 100-240 V (50-60 Hz)
Adaptor Output 5V-6A
Torque (Max.) 3 (0.3 N.m)
Current (Max.) 1 A
Power Consumption (Max.) 4000 mW
Communication Range (Optimal) 2 m
Communication Range (Max.) 5 m
Frequency Transmission Range 2.4G Hz
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