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ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Robot Kit

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BT-210 Set

ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Robot KIT

The Bioloid Robot is a do-it-yourself educational robot kit using modular DC servo blocks. Great for education/robot competitions/entertainment that you can build various types of robot such as spider, dinosaur, and humanoid. Bioloid includes gyro sensor, DMS, and multi-channel wireless expendable remote controller. With enhanced mobility and intelligence you can build your own robot and upgrade it as you please. The evolution of BIOLOID continues and inspires the creative minds worldwide.


  • ​​Excellent humanoid walking performance (Adjusting posture while walking)
  • Various sensors including Gyro, DMS, IR and more external ports
  • Remote control capability (IR-default, Zigbee-optional)
  • C-style programming & motion teaching with RoboPlus S/W (USB Interface included)
  • Transparent humanoid skin for customization
  • Digital Packet communication with daisy chain topology
  • Building various robots using versatile expansion mechanism

What's included

Robotis Bioloid premium components

  • Gyro Sensor (2 Axis) x 1 pc
  • DMS x 1 pc
  • IR Sensor x 2 pcs
  • RC-100A (Remote Controller) x 1 pc
  • Head & Chest Skin x 1 set
  • Lipo Battery (11.1V, 1000mA/PCM) x 1 pc
  • Lipo Balance Battery Charger
  • Screw Driver, Cable Holder
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Plastic Frame Set
  • Quick Start Book
  • RoboPlus Software CD

NOTE:​ Product lead time 4 weeks. Required parts to build a robot are all included in Bioloid Premium kit, you can immediately build your own robot system! 




Education / Kids
Product Details
Main Controller CM-530
DYNAMIXEL (servo motor) AX-12A : 18pc
Sensor GYRO, DMS, IR
S/W RoboPlus
Power LIPO 11.1V, SMPS 12V 5A
Remote Control RC-100B ZIG-110A set (Included) BT-210 set (optional)
Usage Education/Competition
Robot's Height 397 mm (15.6 inch) / Type A
Weight 1.7 kg (59.96 oz)
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