Aeronavics XM-6 Ti-QR Professional Multirotor Helicopter


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Brand: Aeronavics

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The Aeronavics XM-6 Ti-QR Professional Multirotor Helicopter is an iconic aerial robotic workhorse, Camera Weight Class 500 – 1000 grams ( 1 – 2 Lbs ). Extensive R&D has been invested in the Functional Design and Cosmetic Appeal of the XM Titanium Series resulting in a practical yet high-performance craft. Advanced vibration dampening technology in conjunction with quick release camera mounting and easy pack-down components; this is highly engineered craft and is a professional level option for those looking for quality and versatility. The XM-6 is ideal for Point & Shoot and compact mirror-less DSLR style cameras. Its 770mm diameter is a compact solution without compromising potential and professional features; suitable for 3510 to 4012 class disk style motors and 13" to 14" propellers, and also available in Retractable Landing Gear versions XMR.

Available configurations(see options)

Craft Total Naza-M V2
    a. XM Standard Landing Gear + Zenmuse H3-2D GoPro(Included to price)
    b. XM Standard Landing Gear + AV130-2 Axis(Optional, see Aircraft options) 
    c. XM Standard Retractable Landing Gear + AV130-3 Axis(Optional, see Aircraft options) 



Titanium-quick Release, The Final Incarnation of the PRO Camera Ship
For two years now we have been investigating ideas for this addition to our fleet, and trialing a few prototypes with varying degrees of success, but none that we have been entirely satisfied with – until now. Whilst still utilising our signature anti-vibration materials and construction, this secure and safe option – complete with Titanium fasteners – is an airworthy solution that can be trusted. We have kept clear of the method of disconnecting and connecting electronics couplings, noting that eventually a failure will occur using this technique. Our solution is to offer foldaway booms that do not interfere with electronics integrity – secure and positive with peace of mind; and with future Aviation Authority airworthy certification in mind.

Tinted & Printed Domes

Core strengthening crash cage & larger dome with either a “dark tinted” or “carbon fiber” printed finish – this larger dome now allows an easier fit for electronics mounting under the hood with room for larger ESC’s on the Aeronavics power distribution board – and room for other electronics components in a safe and protected area; made from 1.5mm polycarbonate – UV stable.

Advanced Vibration Dampening & Quick Release Camera Mounting
Vibration dampeners isolate the camera gimbal from the main frame. The quick release camera gimbal attachment allows instant access to your camera.

Coax Engine Mount Shields
New engine mount shields are now also included on coaxial configurations offering protection to your engine wires in case of a mishap and for cosmetic appeal.

Red Engine Mount Boots & Nacelles
New “RED” engine mount boot and boom nacelle high visibility optional enhancements in the kit.

Retractable Landing Gear
The Aeronavics Retractable Landing is a product of months of R&D, design and re-design to perfect this classy piece of engineering. Not only did it have to ensure strength and longevity, it also had to offer easy pack down features and match the over-all design outlook which has become a signature of the Aeronavics range. This Retractable Landing gear offers clear unobstructed 360 view for your camera AND is super easy to pack down with quick release snap on/off “legs” and skids, supplementing the slide on/off camera gear rail assembly. The kit includes Boom Battery Mounting Plates for mounting your batteries onto the booms, it’s ground clearance is 210mm. The mechanism comes fully assembled – simply put the legs together and snap them on. The set can be retrofitted to fixed landing gear frames. It works in conjunction with the Aeronavics Quick Release advanced Vibration Absorbing Gear Rail Assembly already supplied with the Fixed Landing Gear craft.

The Complete Professional Package
Our XM Series RTFs offer the complete package for professional-production quality filming. The XM Series allows for mid range payloads and stable footage in less than ideal conditions. Custom cut foam inserts and highly impact resistant flight cases ensure that your craft is protected in transit.

What' Included


Flight School & Certification
Aeronavics offers a range of flight training aligned with and recognised by CAA RPAS, including the “Manufacturer Training” required for certification in various countries. The packages are designed to supply the operator with the knowledge and skills to operate aerial robotic craft safely and within Aviation Authority regulations.


The following training programs are offered / implemented:
Intermediate (1 day):
Introduction to flight safety
Technical overview of electronics
Overview of controller and modes
Practical assisted flights and controls with basic maneuvers
Comprehensive (3-5 days):
Extensive overview of safety, flight logging and craft maintenance
Basic Air Law - TBD
Full technical overview of crafts and all their components
Configuration and assembly of electronic components
Full technical overview of flight controller
Configuration of flight controller
Flight controller modes and features
Standard operation procedures for performing flights
Flight simulator - 2 hours
Basic assisted flights - 2 hours
Basic flight modes - 2 hours
Basic flight manoeuvres - 4 hours
Comprehensive fails safe and recoveries - 4 hours • Autonomous waypoint flying - 8 hours
Intermediate flight manoeuvres - 4 hours
Manual (unstabilised) flight training - 4 hours
Full technical evaluation - 4 hours
Full piloting evaluation - 4 hours

Please contact us for specialised training and assistance requirements. Consultancy services are available for Agricultural applications in collaboration with AbacusBio - details available on request.  
Regulation/Certification requirements differ per country – we can supply you with the relevant information.


NOTE: Price is for a XM Standard Landing Gear + Zenmuse H3-2D GoPro Package(Also see options). Product lead time 2-4 weeks.



Entry Level


Payload Capacity


Max Altitude

Regulation Enforced 122m(400ft)

Flight Endurance

Product Details
Camera Weight Class: 500 – 1000 grams ( 1 – 2 Lbs )
Advanced vibration dampening technology: YES
Payload capacity: 2500g
Flight endurance: 20min
MTOW: 7kg
Diameter: 1092mm
Pack-down dimensions: 1092mm x 251mm
Payload/Ground Clearance: 450mm
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