Aeronavics CX-600 Titanium Professional Quadcopter

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Brand: Aeronavics

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The Aeronavics CX-600 Titanium Professional Quadcopter is an iconic aerial robotic workhorse, Camera Weight Class 0-750 grams ( 0-1.5 Lbs ). Compact, stylish and suitable for Point and Shoot, GoPro and thermal imaging cameras such as FLIR. It has an enclosed and customizable body which keeps the flight electronics protected from light rain and dust. Its compact size with quick release snap-off landing gear makes it an easy transportable unit and a very appealing yet versatile field machine.  Now with longer booms and new titanium series features the CX-600 carries larger engines + propellers + flight batteries resulting in much longer flight endurance than its predecessor. 670mm diameter suited to fitting 3510 to 4012 disk style motors and up to 14 propellers.

Available in 2 Controller Options(See Controller Options)
1.Craft Total Naza-M V2(Included to price)
2.Craft Total WooKong-M(Optional, See Controller Options) 











What's Included











High Impact, Customizable Polycarbonate Dome
A high-grade polycarbonate dome encases the CX-600, protecting  your electronics against a fall and the elements. 

Red Engine Mount Boots & Nacelles
New “RED” engine mount boot and boom nacelle high visibility optional enhancements in the kit.

Titanium Engine Mount Bolts & Captive Nut Slots
New “Titanium” engine mount bolts providing maximum strength for Aviation Safety Certification. New engine mount bolt fastening with captive nut slots for easy access for “pre-flight” safety checks and assembly.

Quick Release Landing Gear & Large Battery Tray
Our Aeronavics Landing Gears have quick release functionality for easy pack down and re-assembly. With the new CX-600 Landing Gear we have extended the size of the battery tray and can now carry 2 x 6 cell LiPo Batteries.


NOTE:Price is for a Craft Total Naza-M V2 Controller Package(see options). Product lead time 2-4 weeks.

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