Aeronavics BOT Compact Professional Quadcopter

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Upgrades Industrial Upgrade Waypoint Data Link Custom Transport Case Mission Control Ground Station Flight Training Set of Carbon Propellers Thermal Imaging Field Repair Kit Extra Battery

The Aeronavics BOT Compact Professional Quadcopter is a professional compact robotic craft designed for field applications such as farm inspection, sports filming and other uses in public services and light industries. It is robust and rugged, easy to use and fully supported. Camera Weight Class 0-500 grams ( 0-1Lbs ). Easy to Deploy Compact craft ideal for a quick birds eye view of the scene. Suitable for a journalist in the field, property Inspector, farmers and surveyor or to capture that adventure shot this craft is a serious little performer. Compact 670mm diameter.

Packages(see options)

Package 1 - This package includes a fully assembled and tested craft to add to your fleet and bind to your existing radio(Included to Price). 
Package 2 - A fully assembled and tested craft including 9 channel radio fully setup and configured, battery, battery charging station and 2 hour instruction(Optional, see Upgrade Options).

Package 3 - Only add your GoPro Camera and you are setup to capture fully stabilized imagery (video and stills) and see real-time what your camera is recording with your Mission Control Lite(Optional, see Upgrade Options).


Mission Control(OPTIONAL! see options)
The “Ground Station” unit is housed in a quality and robust SKB case and offers a variety of interface options - this self-powered unit can run additional monitors, provide USB charging, video control interfaces as well as its own Hi Resolution monitor and Remote control unit. Dimensions: 500 x 400 x 280 mm


PIX4D Software

Pix4Dmapper is used by a wide range of industries such as Mining, Agriculture, Topography, Natural Resources Management, Emergency Response and many more to help professionals of multiple domains with mapping as an easy day-to- day task. Pix4Dmapper converts aerial and oblique images taken by the BOT into geo- referenced 2D orthomosaics and 3D surface models and point clouds. With its advanced automatic aerial triangulation based purely on image content and unique optimization techniques. Pix4Dmapper software offers up to centimeter-grade 3D precision, features a fully automatic workflow and can be used by anyone as it is intuitive and easy to use. You can assess, edit and improve projects directly in the software using the rayCloud and Mosaic Editor and seamlessly import results into any professional GIS, CAD and traditional photogrammetry software package.

Survey-grade accuracy: Achieve up to cm grade, LiDAR like 3D precision.
Intuitive & easy to use: no training needed, easily process projects thanks to the fully automated workflow and visualize & edit results.

Aeronavics offers a BOT-Pix4Dmapper package from $15,300.00(Call us at: 1(877)-407-5969 for more info). This solution can be used in Mining, Topography, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Construction and Emergency Response industries. It will allow you to:

1. Use the fully automatic workflow and let the software handle all calibration and processing to achieve survey grade accurate outputs. 
2. Increase efficiency and save on extra field trips with Rapid Check mode for instant quality assessment directly on site.
3. Annotate and measure polylines (breaklines), surfaces and volumes (stockpiles) with the highest precision achievable
4. Generate your orthomosaics, DSMs and point clouds from aerial and oblique imagery using any camera and lens, including multi-band images. Keep full control over your projects at all times by assessing and editing all tie points (GCPs, Check points, etc.).
5. Assess and edit your projects using the rayCloud and Mosaic Editor. Improve the accuracy of your projects and annotate objects directly in the software, then seamlessly import your results and vector objects into your industry specific workflow and any GIS, CAD and traditional photogrammetry software package.


General Specifications

1. Modular setup - easy pack down for transport
2. Pelican Custom Travel Cases (optional)
3. Real-time streaming of onboard video to mission control ground stations • GPS coordination and waypoint programming (various degrees)
4. Various fail safes including ‘auto-leveling’, ‘position hold’, ‘return to base’, ‘auto-land on low battery’ and controller-redundancy (non-standard)
5. Battery powered (LiPo)
6. Operational wind speed for autonomous flight up to 40km/h
7. Range of 3km (extendable up to 25km)
8. Speed up to 80km/h
9. Height ceiling of 400ft AGL (regulation enforced)
10. Four hours support included
11. Payload Capacity - 1.2Kg
12. Flight Endurance - 25 min. standard, up to 40 min. industrial 
13. MTOW - 5Kg
14. Diameter - 631mm
15. Pack-Down Dimensions - 608 x 105mm 
16. Payload/Ground Dimensions - 160mm







From Hollywood blockbusters to wedding photography - aerial robotics is changing the way video and images are captured. Surreal sweeping shots, a true birds-eye view... Wildlife documentaries, commercials, news reports, advertisements and live broadcasts of sporting events are all enhanced by the new perspectives our systems offer. World renowned for advanced vibration dampening, payload capacity, transportability and durability, our systems have been the preferred choice for industry professionals for several years.

Public Services
Easy to deploy, operate and retrieve, these systems are an essential resource to increase situational awareness, assess damage from natural disasters, search for missing bushwalkers, find hot spots in forest fires, sample air for pollution, map environments, inspect infrastructure, secure borders, report accidents and monitor environmental change. Infrared and Thermal Imaging cameras and various other equipment such as 3D LIDAR expand the functional value of these craft; the potential is limitless and we are ever expanding the scope of possibility.

Cost effective, saving time and reducing risk to human lives – industrial applications are expanding for this technology and we are developing specialized craft for these; an ideal tool for mapping, planning and progress monitoring. Property developers can provide views from the 3rd, 4th, 10th floor of a building that does not even exist yet. Damage to property and the environment can be swiftly and accurately assessed after natural disasters; architects can create instant 3D images and imprints of subject areas and structures. Mining companies can gather volumetric data in just minutes; surveyors and construction companies can 3D map area’s with relative ease; a power company can inspect lines and transformers, and carry leader lines across gulley’s and ravines. This list grows daily.

Scan your property with a birds-eye view to inspect infrastructure and stock - gathering crucial information for planning the day’s activities. Remove the safety hazard of monitoring and mustering in rough terrain, save fuel, machinery costs and time simultaneously. Count stock instantly, accurately and remotely, recognize animals in distress. A number of agri-specific sensors are being developed for Precision Agriculture to monitor crop health, growth, irrigation, forecast yields, detect diseases at early stage and systems are even used to scare birds. Precision Spraying is under development for quick and precise crop and weed spraying, with greater safety for operator and environment. Forestry and fisheries are also opening to new possibilities that enable greater productivity.

Flight School & Certification

Aeronavics offers a range of flight training aligned with and recognised by CAA RPAS, including the “Manufacturer Training” required for certification in various countries. The packages are designed to supply the operator with the knowledge and skills to operate aerial robotic craft safely and within Aviation Authority regulations.

The following training programs are offered / implemented:
Intermediate (1 day):
Introduction to flight safety
Technical overview of electronics
Overview of controller and modes
Practical assisted flights and controls with basic maneuvers
Comprehensive (3-5 days):
Extensive overview of safety, flight logging and craft maintenance
Basic Air Law - TBD
Full technical overview of crafts and all their components
Configuration and assembly of electronic components
Full technical overview of flight controller
Configuration of flight controller
Flight controller modes and features
Standard operation procedures for performing flights
Flight simulator - 2 hours
Basic assisted flights - 2 hours
Basic flight modes - 2 hours
Basic flight manoeuvres - 4 hours
Comprehensive fails safe and recoveries - 4 hours • Autonomous waypoint flying - 8 hours
Intermediate flight manoeuvres - 4 hours
Manual (unstabilised) flight training - 4 hours
Full technical evaluation - 4 hours
Full piloting evaluation - 4 hours

Please contact us for specialised training and assistance requirements. Consultancy services are available for Agricultural applications in collaboration with AbacusBio - details available on request. 
Regulation/Certification requirements differ per country – we can supply you with the relevant information.


NOTE: Price is for a fully assembled and tested craft to add to your fleet and bind to your existing radio(Also see options). Product lead time 2-4 weeks.



Entry Level


Payload Capacity


Max Altitude

Regulation Enforced 122m(400ft)

Flight Endurance

Product Details
Modular setup: Easy pack down for transport
Real-time streaming of onboard video to mission control ground stations: YES
GPS coordination and waypoint programming (various degrees): YES
Various fail safes including ‘auto-leveling’, ‘position hold’, ‘return to base’, ‘auto-land on low battery’: YES
Battery powered: LiPo
Operational wind speed for autonomous flight up to: 40km/h
Range: Range of 3km (extendable up to 25km)
Speed: Up to 80km/h
Height ceiling: AGL (regulation enforced)
Payload Capacity: 1.2Kg
Flight Endurance: 25 min. standard, up to 40 min. industrial
Diameter: 631mm
Pack-Down Dimensions: 608 x 105mm
Payload/Ground Dimensions: 160mm
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