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ADVANC3D Materials ADSINT PA11 SLS Nylon Powder

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Brand: ADVANC3D Materials

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ADVANC3D Materials ADSINT PA11 SLS Nylon Powder 6 x 2kg

ADSINT PA11 is a nylon 11 powder based on renewable source with an exceptional impact strength and excellent and constant long-term performance. It is designed for higher temperature and higher strength applications  Additionally, AdSint® PA 11 has food and medical approval, opening many possibilities in both these markets. Typical Applications are automotive interior components, orthopedic, prosthesis, skin contact parts, dentist, food contact parts, but also automotive. AdSint® PA11 has been tested and approved on most common SLS printers. It is also available in white and black. The refresh rate is between 35% - 50%, depending on the application.

ADSINT PA11 General Properties


Method & Condition Metric Value

 Mean Diameter 

ISO 13320

40 μm 

Particle Size Distribution 

Fine Particles < 15 μm 

Coarse Particles > 76 μm 

ISO 13320


10 max. % 

10 max. % 

Bulk Packed Density 23°C 

 ISO 1068-1975 

0,53± 0,05g/cm³ 

 Part Density 23°C 

ISO 61 

1.00± 0,05g/cm3

ADSINT PA11 Thermal Properties

Measurement Method & Condition Metric Value

Melting point T°m 

ISO 11357-3 


Melting point T°m (Sintered Part) 

 ISO 11357-3 

190± 2°C 

Glass transition temperature T°g (Sintered Part) 

ISO 11357-3 


Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT @0.45MPa) 

ISO 75f 

150± 2°C 

 Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT @1.8MPa) 

 ISO 75f 

 44± 2°C

ADSINT PA11 Mechanical Properties


Method & Condition Metric Value

Tensile strength at break 

ISO 527-2:93-1B 

50 ± 2 MPa 

Tensile modulus 

ISO 527-2:93-1B 

1670 ± 50 MPa 

Elongation at break 

ISO 527-2:93-1B 

46 ± 5 % 

 Flexural modulus 

 ISO 178 (23°C) 

1400 ± 100 MPa 

Charpy – Impact strength 

ISO 179 1eU (23°C) 

 150 ± 15 kJ/m² 

Hardness (Shore D – instantaneous) 

ISO 868 (20°C) 


ADSINT PA11 Handling & Storage 

Store the product in original packaging away from moisture and heat. Under these conditions, the material will maintain its technical properties for 3 years. Once the material passes the 3 year limit, it will be necessary to perform testing of the specified data to restart the shelf life period.

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