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Ackuray A135 DLP 3D Printer

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Brand: Ackuretta Technologies

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Ackuray A135 Direct Light Processing 3D Printer

Ackuretta technology’s Ackuray A135 is a machine built for precision and definition. The Ackuray A135 is a 70-micron XY axis and 1 micron resolution 3D printer that insurers users quality prints at ultra-high definition. The A135 utilizes DLP printing technology and uses resin to print objects; the resin uses a 405-micrometre wavelength for printing. Pushing the limits of design has never been easier and thanks to the Ackuray it just got easier! Suitable for Jewelry, Dental, Automotive and Product Design Industries. 

A135 Specifications

  • Printing Technology: DLP
  • Machine Size: 360 (W) x 460 (D) x 720 (H) (mm)
  • Weight: 33Kg
  • Build Volume: 135 x 76 x 130 (mm)
  • Slice Thickness: 1μm to 100μm
  • X Y Resolution: 70μm
  • Resin Wavelength: 405μm
  • Operating Temperature: 12-32 ̊c (optimum temperature 26 ̊c)
  • Software: Materialise Visualizer proprietary software
  • Software License Period: 3 Years
  • OS: Windows XP and above
  • Input File Format: .STL, .MGX, .PROJECTFILE
  • Electrical Consumption: 100W
  • Power Supply: AC110-230V/50-60Hz
  • Standard Equipment: 3D Printer, Materialise Visualizer software, power cable, USB cable
  • Suitable Industries: Jewelry, Product Design, Automotive, Education, Dental


Ackuretta Technologies

Print Volume


Entry Level


Printing Technology

DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Product Details
Printing Technology DLP
Machine Size 360 (W) x 460 (D) x 720 (H) (mm)
Weight 33Kg
Build Volume 135 x 76 x 130 (mm)
Slice Thickness 1μm to 100μm
X Y Resolution 70μm
Resin Wavelength 405μm
Operating Temperature 12-32 ̊c (optimum temperature 26 ̊c)
Software Materialise Visualizer proprietary software
Software License Period 3 Years
OS Windows XP and above
Input File Format .STL, .MGX, .PROJECTFILE
Electrical Consumption 100W
Power Supply AC110-230V/50-60Hz
Standard Equipment 3D Printer, Materialise Visualizer software, power cable, USB cable
Suitable Industries Jewelry, Product Design, Automotive, Education, Dental
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