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Financing Available. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Robot, 3D printer, Drone, or all three, but don’t have the necessary funds than look no further because SolveLight Robotics has partnered with Unisource Capital to provide our customers (you) a chance to finance a Robot, 3D printer, or Drone.

All purchases of $1,000 or more are applicable for financing.  To get started download the FINANCING APPLICATION FOR CONSUMER HERE, or FINANCING APPLICATION FOR COMPANIES HERE, print it out, fill out all of the necessary information that is highlighted. Once completed and signed, send the application back to [email protected]

Credit approval is given to the applicant after Unisource reviews the financial information provided. The average application can take up to 2-4 hours to be approved. After the financee (you) is approved based on your credit score an APR (annual percentage rate) is applied to your purchase and is split up into monthly payments. Depending on your credit score, average payment term can be set up to 2-5 years, other qualifying payee’s with a lower score can be approved to as little as 1 year.

If the financee decides to pay the loan off before the term is over, call and inform your Unisource representative so that they can reduce the term’s interest amount. So for example if you finance a purchase of $1,000 and your APR is 20% for 2 years and you decide to pay the full amount within one year as apposed to 2 then you will only pay $1,100 instead of $1,200.  

Looking to finance your purchase, but still have additional questions; email us, or call us, and one of our representatives will be happy to help.


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