Proudly Serving U.S. Government

For the past 3 years SolveLight Robotics is proud to supply some of America's top companies and organizations. Our motivation comes from providing market innovators, leaders, and everyday people with tools that allow them to get the job done and done well, helping break new ground to future discoveries that shape our ever evolving future. This is why our mission statement, which is to acquire and provide groundbreaking, efficiency optimizing, and dynamic technologies that allow for such innovation to take place.

Government organizations:

■ NASA's Jet Propolsion Laboratory (JPL)

■ U.S. Army

■ National Institute of Health (NIH) 

■ Public Schools and Libraries across U.S. 

Private sector:


It is important for us to build a strong relationship with our clients. We are happy to serve your needs regardless if you're a regular person or a big company, take our word for it.

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  • E-MAIL: [email protected]  
  • HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday – Friday, 9:00am- 6:00pm


Wherever you are in this world, we will deliver straight to you.

Why us?

The technologies we provide simplify life for everyone. They offer comfort and efficiency.

Be one of a kind.

Imagine a world in which part of your daily tasks are handled by tour devices, a world where you're precious time is spared.

Our World.

We want to make our world a better and more efficient place. We support science, technological progress and innovation!