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Professional Drone Pilot Package

Professional Drone Pilot Package Interested in becoming a professional drone pilot? This is the ultimate package to get you started. What's Included? You get package of 3x courses.  Part 107 Drone License Test Prep: A full...


Online Part 107 Test Preparation

Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep Ace your Part 107 exam with our online Test Prep course to become a FAA certified commercial drone pilot. Built by top U.S. military pilots for busy professionals with little-to-no drone experience, this is...


DJI Phantom and Inspire Flight Training

Full Day Phantom and Inspire Flight Training Our full day course will equip you with all of the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert drone pilot. The course offers a combination of classroom training and hands-on flight...


Starting a Drone Business Course

Starting a Drone Business Has Become a Lot Easier! Learn everything you need to know to start your UAS business. Many new drone pilots are taking advantage of the immense opportunities in the drone industry and are launching their own drone...


In-Person Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep

Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep Pass the Part 107 FAA Drone Pilot Exam. Become a Part 107 FAA certified commercial drone pilot with our test prep course. Part 107, the new FAA commercial drone regulation, allows drone pilots to fly UAS or UAVs...


Drones for Beginners Program

DARTdrones Drones for Beginners Program  Get the ultimate drone class for beginners. Learn everything you need to know to get started from leading drone experts! Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations for...


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