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MBot3D T480 Large Build Volume 3D Printer

MBot3D T480 Large Build Volume 3D Printer The MBot T480 Desktop 3D Printer is equipped with a LCD screen and newly-designed build platform. New build platform with ball screw offers reduced noise level, and improved smoothness, and stability...


MBot3D Grid II Plus Desktop 3D Printer (Dual Extruder)

MBot3D Grid II Plus Desktop 3D Printer The MBot3D GridII + is an improved version of MBot flagship desktop GridII 3D printer. It features several upgraded components based on user feedbacks, to enhance superior performance and user-friendly...


MBot3D CUBE 3D Printer DIY Kit

MBot3D CUBE 3D Printer DIY(Do it Yourself) Kit The CUBE 3D Printer DIY was designed and manufactured by Magicfirm LLC, is one of the most affordable and advanced personal 3D printers on the market today. It boasts features that...



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