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Filabot Industrial Reclaimer

Filabot Industrial Reclaimer The Filabot Industrial Reclaimer is a commercial quality plastic processing unit that granulates plastics down to a particle size that the Filabot can extrude. This unit stands 51" tall and has a...


Filabot - Spooler

Filabot Spooler Finally, no more extruding filament onto the ground. Our filament spooler, as always, was designed from the ground up. The spooler takes filament right from your Filabot extruder and spools it on a filament spool. Another great...


Filabot - Original EX2 Professional Filament Maker

Filabot - Original EX2 Professional Filament Maker  The Original EX2 Professional Filament Maker is a flagship extruder, and is 200% faster than our base model. Create custom filaments and recycle failed prints at industry leading speeds....


Filabot - Original Personal Filament Maker

Filabot Original Personal Filament Maker The Filabot Original Personal Filament Maker is designed and engineered to bring industrial filament production quality right to your desktop. Enjoy 90% savings over commercially purchased...


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