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Tinkerine Ditto PRO 3D Printer

Tinkerine DittoPro Desktop 3D Printer The DittoPro 3D Printer is the long-anticipated addition to the Tinkerine family. Being the big cousin of Ditto+ and Litto, DittoPro not only stays true to our high standards in performance,...


Tinkerine Ditto+ 3D Printer DIY Kit

Tinkerine Ditto+ 3D Printer Do It Yourself Kit The Ditto+ 3D Printer is a revamped version of our flagship 3D printer. With a new and improved assembly and calibration process, it as never been easier to build your very own 3D printer....



Tinkerine Litto 3D Printer DIY Kit

Tinkerine Litto 3D Printer DIY(Do It Yourself) Kit The Litto 3D Printer DIY is the little one in the family. Designed with space consciousness and portability in mind, Litto offers the perfect balance between build volume and printer size....



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